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What is the problem?

The world is changing faster than ever and global companies need on demand access to world experts and intelligence.

How can we help?

Dūcō makes it easier, faster, and more cost effective for decision-makers to connect with experts, gather information, and follow global trends to solve real-world business objectives. Dūcō’s platform allows businesses to quickly find and speak with geopolitical, regulatory, security, and technology innovation experts, who have insights needed to succeed in the global economy.

Our Experts

Carefully recruited and vetted, Dūcō experts have at least a decade of experience in some of the most competitive positions in their fields. They are experienced briefers, analysts, innovators, and deliver immediate insight to our clients.
Dūcō experts have:

  • Advised the U.S. President
  • Started cyber security companies
  • Commanded brigades in wartime
  • Led international negotiations
  • Ran for and served in political office
  • Worked in the intelligence community

Easy to connect

In a few clicks or less than a minute, you can text and email an expert to schedule a call. 97% of our experts told us they could get on a 30-minute call in less than 12 hours.


Sidney 6b379b8f9f8823f9be44b6386f31863ca6a530aeefe32fe17f4d05e0f816db15
Sidney Olinyk : Founder & CEO

Sidney's career in Washington, DC spans national security, foreign policy, and leadership development – from the Pentagon to civil society to Washington’s startup community. She has extensive experience managing people, processes, and operations in multiple organizations in both the private and public sectors. A former Obama Administration political appointee, Sidney served as the Chief of Staff for Middle East Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Her private sector experience includes serving as the Vice President for Sayara International and as the first employee at Measure, the leading Drone as a Service company, that provides services related to unmanned aerial systems for commercial and civilian use around the world. As CEO of Dūcō, she brings together her passion for public policy and her drive to build an organization with lasting impact.

Alicia cf01c97a9c2cbc8efb49809ae0365070399a39cffe42a796540b809f37bb75e2
Alicia Sloan : Founder & COO

Alicia commands nearly 10 years of national security experience advising policymakers through her work for the Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, and Capitol Hill. Her robust body of work and analysis on the Middle East has garnered praise from senior policymakers and awards, including selection by the Central Intelligence Agency as one of the top foresight products of 2015. She is a recipient of Meritorious Unit Citations from the Director of National Intelligence and the Director of the CIA. Alicia's cultural and linguistic expertise add depth to her methodology of approaching complex questions in foreign affairs. She has demonstrated proficiency in Arabic, French, and Spanish as well as lived in Amman, Damascus, Mexico City, and Paris. Alicia received a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University, a Masters from Sciences-Po Paris, and a Fulbright to Jordan.

Scott f81fc46197b1cb273ebb3abd19e6f8951796307d3d0260ff389d86f3de13a57c
Scott Hoch : Lead Engineer

Scott loves crafting clean, tested code that is easy to understand and straight forward to extend. He started writing code to automate and analyze physics experiments that led to 7 peer reviewed publications in precision measurement and the strange world where quantum and classical physics meet. This work was done at Yale University, CU Boulder, The Naval Research Laboratory and Ecole Normale Superieure. After leaving academia Scott worked on ETL, machine learning and identity resolution systems at NationBuilder on a team building out a National Voter File for US elections. He then started his own consulting firm Correlator LLC with clients in four countries building everything from full stack applications to talking coffee machine prototypes. Along the way he has also built fully automated Amazon businesses and has taught classes on blockchain technology.

Abbie 5714f04ac87b0a964d65687da4fff274b26afb3dbefe5e6d2163d01ae0c9b5e7
Abbie Attwood : VP of Business Development

Abbie has experience leading business development teams, managing consulting projects, designing successful growth strategies, and creating value through customer success initiatives. An economics and math geek at heart, she began her career in Washington running data and operations analysis for a technology and consulting company. She transitioned to business development after discovering her passion for the correlation between customer success and business growth. She then led business development at Bloomberg Government, working closely with over 300 government affairs teams to further their policy initiatives in Washington. Abbie grew their pharmaceutical business by over 400%, scaled their nonprofit market strategy to double the number of clients per account, and ran company-wide sales training for all associates. Throughout her career she has led the top performing sales teams by revenue to consistently outperform company growth goals. A Maine native and addicted runner/cyclist, she is a member of a pro running team and teaches spin classes on the side.

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Brendan Reed
Intern Coordinator / Executive Assistant
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Natalie Myers
Operations Coordinator
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Nadia Mushtaq
Research Associate, Compliance Team
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Daniel Karr
Research Associate
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Danielle Somadelis
QA Engineer
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William Kim
Selection Committee Associate
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Karthick Mahalingam
Software Engineer
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Bryan Walters
Media Associate
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Lily Barnett
Research Associate
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Abhinav Ketineni
Research Associate
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Shux Pardo
Visual Design Associate

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