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Sidney Olinyk

Founder & CEO

Scott Hoch

VP of Engineering

Abbie Attwood

VP of Partnerships & Growth

Vyria Paselk

Director of Partnerships

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What is the problem?

The world is changing faster than ever and global companies need on-demand access to world experts and intelligence.

How can we help?

Duco makes it easier, faster, and more cost effective for decision-makers to connect with experts, gather information, and follow global trends to solve real-world business objectives. Duco’s platform allows businesses to quickly find and speak with geopolitical, regulatory, security, and technology innovation experts, who have insights needed to succeed in the global economy.

Our Experts

Carefully recruited and vetted, Duco experts have at least a decade of experience in some of the most competitive positions in their fields. They are experienced briefers, analysts, innovators, and deliver immediate insight to our clients.
Duco experts have:

  • Advised the U.S. President
  • Started cyber security companies
  • Commanded brigades in wartime
  • Led international negotiations
  • Ran for and served in political office
  • Worked in the intelligence community

Easy to connect

In a few clicks or less than a minute, you can text and email an expert to schedule a call. 97% of our experts told us they could get on a 30-minute call in less than 12 hours.