Welcome to Dūcō! Below you will find more information to help navigate our platform services. Nothing in this document is legally binding; for such matters, please refer to our Terms of Service Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Q: What is Dūcō?

A: Dūcō is an online, on-demand platform that makes it easier, faster, and more cost effective to talk to experts, gather information, and follow global trends. Our extensive network of vetted experts is here to help accomplish your business objectives. Our first beta service is our secure automated call platform. Find an expert, schedule a call, and connect to receive immediate insights.

Q: How does Dūcō’s on demand call system work?

A: The call request, conference, and payment system is all automated through our secure platform. We never share client or expert contact information – the entire process is executed through our automated system and the expert and the client call a conference line that we provide once the call is confirmed.

To schedule a call, clients search for experts and fill out a quick form on an expert’s profile to send a request directly to the expert. This is what happens next:

Q: What are Dūcō’s differentiators?

A: Dūcō’s direct-to-expert approach allows businesses and organizations in any sector and of any size to gather actionable intelligence and connect with a leading global experts – or collect input from a diverse group of experts – quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

In a few clicks and less than a minute, clients can connect to experts and just pay for what they need: a 30-minute phone conversation with a former Pentagon official about the coup attempt in Turkey, or two-hour deep dive on a piece of cybersecurity legislation by an expert in hacking trends. With Dūcō there are no expensive monthly retainers, and no account managers liaising between the client and expert.

Q: Who are Dūcō’s experts?

A: Carefully recruited and vetted, Dūcō experts usually have at least a decade of experience, are highly regarded by their professional peers, and have held positions in some of the most competitive positions in their fields. They are experienced briefers, analysts, and innovators, intent on delivering immediate insight to our clients.

Dūcō experts include former White House officials, technology entrepreneurs, former military leaders, reputable professors from top universities, and cybersecurity advisors, to name a few. You can browse or search for specific experts here

Most of Dūcō’s experts are referred through Dūcō’s network of existing experts. More information about our experts and our expert agreement can be found in our Terms of Service Agreement. You can apply to be an expert here.

Q: Who are Dūcō’s clients?

A: Dūcō’s clients are global and seek access to on-demand expertise. They range from large corporations, to nonprofits, to startups, to professional services firms, to individuals seeking mentorship.

Whether you need advice about the supply chain consequences of potential unrest in Nigeria or want to discuss the latest developments in China with a former White House official, Dūcō can connect you with the people and knowledge you need. We want every business and NGO to be able to benefit from the tremendous global expertise we’ve assembled.

Q: Are calls conducted through VOIP or phone lines?

A: At this time we are only conducting calls via US conference call number, but you can still be an expert or a client if you don’t have a US number. In this case, your notifications will be sent via email and you'll have to connect to the call via the designated US conference line at your own expense (we recommend using Skype or something similar). We will be adding a VOIP option soon.

Q: How does pricing work for Dūcō phone calls and how are service fees calculated?

A: Clients are billed as soon as a call ends, at the expert’s hourly rate (or a prorated rate, to the minute, if the call is not an hour). A client receives an email with receipt information.

The prices are transparent and posted on experts’ profiles. Experts choose their hourly rates and the service and facilitation fee is added to that rate. Dūcō’s service and facilitation fee is 33.3% of the total hourly rate. (Other expert networks services mark up their expert rates by as much as 285%.)

Q: Do clients rate Dūcō experts?

A: Yes. After each service is complete, Dūcō asks clients to provide feedback on their experience and the quality and compatibility of their expert match. Dūcō aggregates and anonymously shares feedback with experts so they can improve. We always welcome feedback and suggestions and you can send it to us anytime at feedback@ducoexperts.com.

Q: What if a client is not satisfied with a Dūcō service?

A: If your call with an expert is under 15 minutes because the expert is a bad match for your needs, please let us know and we will reimburse you for your call. If you are not satisfied with any part of your Dūcō experience, please email us immediately at support@ducoexperts.com.

We are operating in beta so, unfortunately, some kinks may arise and we appreciate any feedback to help shape our services as we grow.

Also see our Terms of Service Agreement and Privacy Policy.