Culture of Compliance

Duco's culture of compliance

Duco’s dedication to safeguarding the integrity of our experts and clients is paramount. Our extensive compliance framework draws upon legal expertise, cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering commitment to legal and regulatory requirements. Experts are subjected to an extensive vetting process before being on-boarded, are offered compliance training, and accept terms and conditions once admitted. Our code of conduct, company standards, and escalation policy guarantees that potential conflicts are handled appropriately. Please email alicia@ducoexperts.com to learn more about our compliance framework.

Vetting process

Duco’s expert vetting procedure is rigorous. Our thorough background checks and meticulous selection process ensure the quality and legitimacy of our vast expert network. We guarantee it.


We instill our commitment to compliance in every Duco employee and expert. Our compliance training program ingrains our policy and establishes a high standard of ethics in all members of the corporation.

Code of Conduct

All employees of Duco receive rigorous compliance policy training and are monitored to ensure that they are always acting in accordance with our code of conduct and company standards. Our code emphasizes quality, integrity, and professionalism.

Terms of Service

Before officially becoming a member of Duco’s expert network, experts are required to accept their terms of service, and re-sign periodically.

Escalation Policy

Our compliance escalation policy facilitates conflict resolution for both clients and experts to ensure timely detection and reporting of any conflicts to our COO and CEO. Please email alicia@ducoexperts.com with any questions, or email compliance@ducoexperts.com to report any infractions.