Expert Guidance

Welcome to Dūcō

What general guidance should I follow to fill out my profile?

Choose a compelling tagline

Your tagline, which is featured as your heading on your profile and in the thumbnail in the general search, is the first thing clients read and should be specific on your expertise or experience. You can include keywords, or a former or current title and/or place of work.

Gear bio toward private sector, with most practical expertise upfront

Think like a client: why would someone want to talk to you and how can you feature that information up front? You should put the most impressive and descriptive sentence first in your bio -- this shows in your thumbnail on the search page and might be the only thing a client sees. More detail in your biography is better. Clients are often looking for specific country or issue expertise, and the more experience you can show in your profile bio, the more likely a client will be confident that you know the issue.

Selecting your tags—fewer is key

By selecting certain tags, you acknowledge, and support in your biography, that you have extensive expertise in this area and are confident to talk to a client about it on a call. For example, don’t select the “Cuba” tag if your biography doesn’t mention anything about Cuba -- the client won’t understand why you are a Cuba expert if you only have a tag and no explanation to back it up. Don’t select 100 tags. Clear profiles have selected 3-10 on issues/functions and the rest are more of experiences/credentials.

Why do you ask for a requested hourly rate?

Some of our enterprise clients negotiate bulk rates in which case we attempt to secure you the most compensation while also garnering them savings for purchasing services from multiple experts.

How can I promote my profile?

Add publications to your profile

When you upload a publication on your profile page, we display that publication for all Dūcō clients to see. We also promote uploaded links on our social media channels.

Send us news and announcements

Send us your publications, interviews, big announcement, etc. to’ll promote them & you!

If you would like us to promote any of your work through our social media channels and occasionally to potential clients, please send it to us at We will also add appropriate media links to your profile.

Add Dūcō to your LinkedIn

List Dūcō in your experience section and add your Dūcō URL and biography in the description. You can see how some Dūcō experts have done it here.

Hyperlink your Dūcō profile to online sources

You have a unique hyperlink to your profile and should use it to recruit clients. On any online publications, biography, book launch page, or other featured place, you can include a hyperlink drawing users to your page so they can connect with you, e.g., “Set up a call with John Doe through Dūcō here [insert your link].” You can also put that you are a Dūcō expert in your biographies online (e.g. your company biography, LinkedIn, etc.). This will draw potential clients to your Dūcō page so they can set up calls with you. Please note: individuals or companies must have an account and logged in to request your services.

About Dūcō

How does Dūcō’s on demand system work?

Calls and written products are delivered through our secure platform. We never share client or expert contact information – the expert and the client call a conference line that we provide once the call is confirmed and use the portal for document transfer.

Why are we different?

Dūcō’s direct-to-expert approach allows businesses and organizations in any sector and of any size to gather actionable intelligence and connect with leading global experts – or collect input from a diverse group of experts – quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

Who are our experts?

Carefully recruited and vetted, Dūcō experts usually have at least a decade of experience, are highly regarded by their professional peers, and have held positions in some of the most competitive positions in their fields. They are experienced briefers, analysts, and innovators, intent on delivering immediate insight to our clients.

Dūcō experts include former White House officials, technology entrepreneurs, former military leaders, reputable professors from top universities, and cybersecurity advisors, to name a few. You can browse or search for specific experts here.

Who are our clients?

Dūcō’s clients are global and seek access to on-demand expertise. They range from large corporations, to nonprofits, to startups, to professional services firms, to individuals seeking mentorship.

Whether you need advice about the supply chain consequences of potential unrest in Nigeria or want to discuss the latest developments in China with a former White House official, Dūcō can connect you with the people and knowledge you need. We want every business and NGO to be able to benefit from the tremendous global expertise we’ve assembled.

Do clients rate experts?

Yes. After each service is complete, Dūcō asks clients to provide feedback on their experience and the quality and compatibility of their expert match. Dūcō aggregates and anonymously shares feedback with experts so they can improve.

How can I promote Dūcō?

  • Please continue to recommend clients and experts, tell your networks about Dūcō, and engage and support other Dūcō experts.
  • Follow Dūcō on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Introduce us or promote us to potential clients.
  • Use social media to talk about your good experiences with Dūcō.
  • Include in all of your biographies that you’re a Dūcō expert -- the more people see it, the more they’ll visit our site!
  • Send us expert candidates.

How do I provide feedback?

Great! We’d love to hear from you! This is your company too and we want your input to help us improve. Please send all suggestions, comments, questions to

Scheduling Work

What’s the process for a client to schedule a call or request a written product from me?

To schedule a call or written product, clients search for experts and fill out an order request form. From there this is what happens:

  • You get an email and SMS (SMS currently only work for US numbers; make sure it’s updated in your "Account Settings" tab in your Profile settings) with suggested times, the client’s basic information, and a short blurb on what they want to discuss.
  • The email and SMS will contain a link to Dūcō’s website where you can log in, chat with the client to learn more information and go to the “My Orders” tab and select a time that works for you or you can decline the call (note: if you cancel a call, there is no way to reschedule at this time; contact if you would like us to reach out to the client to reschedule).
  • Once you select a time, you and the client will both receive an email and SMS confirming the time and conference call information.
  • ...Do not be late for the call :)
  • Join the call! Enjoy the great conversation.
  • When you hang up, the client is asked to rate you as an expert (ratings are not public) and their payment is processed.
  • You will also receive a closing email and can rate the client (also, only for internal purposes; the client will never see your rating).
  • You will receive your payment from Dūcō within 30 days of your call and likely much sooner. See below for how to get paid -- it is your responsibility to fill out the W-9 and your direct deposit information.

That’s it!

What should I keep in mind as I respond to clients?

Be responsive. We strive to make the process as user friendly and efficient as possible so you and the client can respond quickly.

Client and expert contact info is private. All communication between clients and experts is processed through our secure platform. We never share client or expert contact information. For calls, the platform issues the expert and the client a conference number. For written products, experts send them to clients through the portal for document transfer.

What does it mean to be a contractor and how am I paid?

It won't change your current status. Joining Dūcō as an expert does not limit your ability to consult on your own and many of our experts do. In fact, joining as an expert can actually help promote you and your work to attract new business opportunities. We think that consultants will end up using Dūcō as a primary business development tool. For more information, visit our Terms of Service agreement.