Welcome to Dūcō!  We are thrilled you’ve decided to join our roster as an expert.  Below you will find more context to help navigate your consultant experience.  Nothing in this document is legally binding. Please refer to our Terms of Service Agreement, (which you already agreed to when you signed in).

Q: What general guidance should I follow to fill out my profile?

Choose a compelling tagline
Your tagline, which is featured as your heading on your profile and in the thumbnail in the general search, is the first thing clients read and should be specific on your expertise or experience. You can include keywords, or a former or current title and/or place of work.

Gear bio toward private sector, with most practical expertise upfront
Think like a client: why would someone want to talk to you and how can you feature that information up front? You should put the most impressive and descriptive sentence first in your bio -- this shows in your thumbnail on the search page and might be the only thing a client sees. More detail in your biography is better.  Clients are often looking for specific country or issue expertise, and the more experience you can show in your profile bio, the more likely a client will be confident that you know the issue.

Selecting your tags—fewer is key
By selecting certain tags, you acknowledge, and support in your biography, that you have extensive expertise in this area and are confident to talk to a client about it on a call.  For example, don’t select the “Cuba” tag if your biography doesn’t mention anything about Cuba -- the client won’t understand why you are a Cuba expert if you only have a tag and no explanation to back it up.  Don’t select 100 tags.  Clear profiles have selected 3-10 on issues/functions and the rest are more of experiences/credentials.

Keep your hourly rate low to start
Most calls in the first few months have been requested with experts whose rates are $450 or below (we recommend starting at about $300 or less per hour).  After you build clientele, then we recommend considering increasing your price. You can login to change your price or edit your profile anytime.  Remember, Dūcō’s service fee for the call platform is 33.3% of the total hourly rate (your hourly rate is public); as we note when you fill out your profile, you add your hourly rate in your profile settings and we increase your rate by 50% (which allows for the 33.3% service fee).  Other expert networks mark up as much as 200%.

Q: How can I promote my profile?

Send us your publications, interviews, big announcement, etc. to clips@ducoexperts.com--we’ll promote them & you!
If you would like us to promote any of your work through our social media channels and occasionally to potential clients, please send it to us at clips@ducoexperts.com.  We will also add appropriate media links to your profile.

Add Dūcō to your LinkedIn
List Dūcō in your experience section and add your Dūcō URL and biography in the description.  You can see how some Dūcō experts have done it here.

Hyperlink your Dūcō profile to online sources
You have a unique hyperlink to your profile and should use it to recruit clients.  On any online publications, biography, book launch page, or other featured place, you can include a hyperlink drawing users to your page so they can set up a call with you, e.g., “Set up a call with Sidney Olinyk through Dūcō here.” You can also put that you are a Dūcō expert in your biographies online (e.g. your company biography, Linkedin, etc.). This will draw potential clients to your Dūcō page so they can set up calls with you.

Q: What should I keep in mind as I respond to clients?

Be responsive
We strive to make the process as user friendly and efficient as possible so you and the client can respond quickly.

Client and expert contact info is private
The call request, conference, and payment system is all automated through our secure platform. We never share client or expert contact information – the entire process is executed through our automated system and the expert and the client call a conference line that we provide once the call is confirmed.

Q: What’s the process for a client to schedule a call with me?

Through our online platform
To schedule a call, clients search for experts and to request a call with you, fill out the form on your expert profile.  From there this is what happens:

Q: What does it mean to be a contractor and how am I paid?

It won’t change your current status
Joining Dūcō as an expert does not limit your ability to consult on your own and many of our experts do.  In fact, joining as an expert can actually help promote you and your work to attract new business opportunities.  We think that consultants will end up using Dūcō as a primary business development tool.  For more information, visit our Terms of Service agreement.

Q: How can I help promote Dūcō?

Please do!
Please continue to recommend clients and experts, tell your networks about Dūcō, and engage and support other Dūcō experts

Q: I have a lot of ideas and/or feedback for Dūcō.  Where should I send it?

We’d love to hear from you!
Great!  This is your company too and we want your input to help us improve.  Please send all suggestions, comments, questions to support@ducoexperts.com.