Adam Jaime

Iran, Political Risk, Culture

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San Francisco, CA/USA
afternoons, Mon-Thurs


As former USmilitary and CIA, Adam has extensive experience on the ground in the MiddleEast engaging with local partners and people for over a decade, providing himan advantage in understanding regional politics; religion; conflict; andstability. As an Iran expert and Persian linguist with the IC,Adam is adept at working through primary resources andcan help clients evaluate business opportunities in Iran, as well as solvereal-time, on-the-ground business-related issues there. As former US militaryand CIA, Adam has directly applied his expertise to serve high-level policycustomers in the US Government. Adam can speak on Iran issues related to theIranian political economy and stability, national security policy, and nuclearpolicy. In addition to his Iran specialization, Adam has delivered projects onbroader themes related to US policy in the Islamic World, the Arab Spring, sectarianism, Islamic thought, and Islamic history.

Adam Jaimeholds a graduate degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Chicago