Elisa Catalano Ewers


General Information

Washington, DC, USA
Eastern Time (US & Canada)


Elisa Catalano Ewers has spent nearly two decades in private consulting and federal government service, advising clients and senior leadership alike on effective strategy, sound policy, nuanced negotiations, and productive organizational processes. Her experience spans the private and public sectors, including the civil-military sphere, and highlights her analytical skills, expertise in navigating complex issues, bringing together disparate views, and managing people and processes. From 2005 - 2016, Elisa served as foreign policy and national security expert in the US government. Her last position was as a Director for the Middle East and North Africa on the National Security Council staff. Prior to her position at the White House, she acted as senior policy advisor to the US Ambassador to the United Nations, and before that to the Under Secretary and Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs. Elisa advised each on foreign and national security policy with a pan-Middle East and counter- terrorism focus, covering the range of security, political, and economic issues.  Her portfolio included areas such as the Iran negotiations, U.S. policies in response to the "Arab Spring," transition in Iraq, and relations with the Gulf Arab states. Elisa also served in additional assignments at the State Department included Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Near East Affairs, Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State's Coordinator for Iraq, and service in the US Embassy Baghdad. Prior to her government service, Elisa spent seven years as a consultant and analyst at private sector firms including Booz Allen Hamilton and Wellington Management Company, where she developed strategic communications plans to roll out priority initiatives, developed new institutional structures and capacities designed to optimize effectiveness, and managed programs focused on delivering results.Elisa is an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security, and a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security at the Atlantic Council.  She is married to a US Marine and lives in Washington DC.