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Howard G. Beasey is an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran and retired United States Marine.  Enlisting in the Marine Corps in 1993 and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in August 2000, after having completed his undergraduate education at North Carolina State University. For more than two decades Mr. Beasey served his country honorable.  His journey with Turkey started in 2006, when he attended the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA completing his Master of Arts in National Security Affairs and Foreign Policy and attended the Defense Language Institute and completed Turkish language instruction.  Designated as a Turkish Foreign Area Officer and assigned to the region, he developed a deep respect for Turkish culture, diversity, and international engagement.  Upon returning from Afghanistan in 2010, Mr. Beasey was assigned to the Pentagon as the European Affair Officer for the International Affairs Branch of Headquarters Marine Corps, where he continued to develop and grow his ability to engage with military and government leaders across Europe and NATO to build and secure this important relationship.  Retiring in 2014 he joined Goldman Sachs Bank in New York and in 2015 he took over his current position as the President and CEO of the American-Turkish Council.  The Council, a leading independent business association, exist to help member companies achieve their business and investment objectives and to facilitate stronger U.S.-Turkey economic, strategic and political relations.  Through his years of leadership and international relations experience, from battlefields to board rooms, Mr. Beasey has a demonstrated ability to advise, problem solve, and help achieve the desired outcomes no matter what the circumstances.