James Felton Keith

Author | CXO | Chairman of #PersonalData


General Information

New York, NY/USA
Mornings, Sunday - Saturday
Eastern Time (US & Canada)


JFK is an award winning engineer, economist, and author who defined personal data in his 2017 book Personal Data: The People's Asset Class. He has incubated an industry as chairman of the International Personal Data Trade Association he launch the Personal Data Week conference. He has built a global ecosystem of software companies in Cyber InsurTech (insurance technology) via Cyberfense, and predictive analytics via Accrue Inc, the IBM Watson backed predictive analytics FinTech (financial technology) firm. He also Co-Founded Slay., the Queer TV Network and AdTech (advertising technology) company in New York. Prior to this, James founded the LGBT Chamber of Commerce and served in the cabinet of the Mayor of Detroit during it's landmark bankruptcy to advise on technology and culture. 

JFK currently serves on boards at the New York County Democratic Committee, the Democratic National Committee, Out in Science Technology Engineering and Math, and NYC Black & Latino LGBT Coalition. He is a frequent keynote at global venues like Future Tech Congress, Money 20/20, and Hope Global Forums to name a few. Most recently he was honored as one of the United Nations International Young Leaders Assembly members, the United Kingdom’s Technology & Investment Financial Technology Delegation, an IBM Global Entrepreneur, the US Department of Homeland Security's Commitment to Diversity, and multiple 40 under 40 notices.