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Jeffrey Fidelman has been working with individual investors and family offices in a variety of industries including Real Estate, Private & Public Equity, and Venture Capital. His eclectic experience gives a unique perspective and approach to understanding both entrepreneur and investor.

Jeffrey is currently the Principal of AI Capital Advisors and serves as Director of Real Estate and Venture at Cross River Group. His principal role involves the identification, due diligence, and investment management of unique venture, private equity, and real estate opportunities.

Over the course of his professional career, he has been intimately involved in a variety of industries and serves as an advisor across several verticals, including BioTech, Real Estate, and e-commerce. Before joining the Cross River Group, Jeffrey was a Principal and Founder at AI Capital Advisors, a firm created to foster a network of free flowing ideas, capital, and mutualistic partnerships vested in the needs of both entrepreneurs and investors.

Prior to AI Capital Advisors, Jeffrey served as Head of Investor Relations at Onevest, where he created and executed a strategy to secure financing and brought offerings into new markets. In addition, his previous roles include Vice President of Wealth Management at HSBC, Portfolio Manager at Morgan Stanley, and Partner at a Private Equity firm, where Jeffrey lead business development on several key projects including a retail pharmacy chain, an automated parking garage, and a real estate condominium. In addition to his expertise of financial analyses, Jeffrey has gained exceptional knowledge of international markets and business products.

  • Work History
  • Worked at Dūcō (Company)
    From 2016-12-01 until Now

    Investment Advisor - Advisory with Policy, Political, and Security experts with a focus on Real Estate, Private Equity and Venture Capital.

  • Worked at Toptal (Company)
    From 2016-10-01 until Now

    Finance Advisor - Consulting and Advisory for early stage and Fortune 1000 organizations, including: • Financial Planning & Analysis • Operational Budgeting • Capital Efficiency • Financial Modeling • Strategic Planning & Execution • Fundraise Advisory

  • Worked at TrustED Ecosystem (Company)
    From 2018-06-01 until Now

    CFO - Financial Advisory A scalable blockchain-based platform, The TrustED infrastructure enables universities, and online educational and training Institutions to store, as well as authenticate grades, credentials, or certificates, leveraging the distributed ledger technology of blockchain. In addition, permissioned parties will have the ability to confidently verify academic credentials of an individual through the TrustED platform.

  • Worked at AI Capital Advisors (Company)
    From 2015-10-01 until Now

    Principal - Based in New York City, AI Capital Advisors is the advisory group of a multi-generational, single-family office specializing in Real Estate Financing and Venture Capital. With a background in a wide variety of industries, our unique position allows us to help our investors, entrepreneurs, and family offices find innovative solutions. Whether seeking real estate financing or business advisory, AI Capital Advisors works with our clients to execute transactions in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Worked at CFC Insurance ltd. (Company)
    From 2018-01-01 until Now

    President - Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) - Responsible for overall business development and strategic implementation of partnerships with lenders, reinsurers, and brokers.

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