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Energy and Climate Change

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About Jon Powers

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Jon Powers - Chairman & Co-Founder of CleanCapital

Jon leads corporate strategy and development, investor relations, and marketing for CleanCapital. Jon's passion for clean energy derives from his time served with the US Army in Iraq and the realization that a clean energy economy is vital to protect America's national security interests. After helping revolutionize the US Army's energy program, Jon was appointed by President Obama to serve as the Federal Chief Sustainability Officer at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Jon worked to establish the Army’s 1 Gigawatt renewable energy goal and then stood up the Energy Initiative’s Task Force to work with industry to develop projects on military installations. This work led to his efforts at the White House to triple the federal government’s renewable energy goal to 20 percent by 2020, and then streamlining third party contracts (Power Purchase Agreements) to ensure the factors are in place for industry to help achieve those goals. 

While working in the Administration, Jon recognized the disconnect between clean energy finance and the investment community and implemented strategies to better address this issue. Prior to CleanCapital, Jon was the managing Director for Public Sector Business Development at Bloom Energy.

Jon received an M.S. in Global Security Studies from Johns Hopkins University, a B.A. from at John Carroll University. He served as a Captain in the US Army including a 15 tour in Baghdad, Iraq, and is a Fellow at the Truman National Security Project.