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Kevin L. Jackson is a globally recognized cloud computingthought leader, Engility Technical Fellow and Founder/Author of “Cloud Musings”blog, recently named a “Top Federal IT Blog” by FedTech Magazine (2016).Mr. Jackson has also been recognized as Huffington Post “Top 100 CloudComputing Experts on Twitter” (2013),“Top 100 Cybersecurity Influencer and Brand by Onalytica (2015) and a “Top 50 Cloud Computing Blogger for ITIntegrators” by CRN (2015). Mr. Jackson’s professional career includesservice in the US Navy Space Systems Command, Vice President J.P.Morgan Chase, Worldwide Sales Executive for IBM and NJVC VicePresident, Cloud Services. His recent projects have included NATO AdvancedTransformation Command (ATC) Command and Control 2020 Study when he servedas Program Manager to deliver a study and live demonstration of a futurecommand and control architecture that would incorporate a federated trustenvironment (FTE) capable of leveraging global cloud services providers. Thestudy highlighted and demonstrated the use of effective IT governance, datasecurity and dynamic hybrid cloud management capable of leveraging alliancenational capabilities and commercial cloud service providers.


In January 2012, he led a multi-corporation teamfunded by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and managed by theNetwork Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) tasked to design anddemonstrate how an interoperable cloud-based environment could be used insupporting international humanitarian assistance and disaster response efforts.The project leveraged the cloud service brokerage paradigm to instantiate andmanaged a federated cloud computing infrastructure. Participants included Boeing,Raytheon, Telos, The Aerospace Corporation, Winthrop Corporation and NJVC. Cloudplatforms included OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Google and CenturyLink(Saavis).


NATO Communications and Information Agency(NCIA)  Information Technology StrategyStudy, December 2012 - He also served on an industry team funded by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that was tasked with developing a cost benefit analysis, business case and operationalstrategy for the newly formed NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCIA). Mr. Jackson was responsible for providing quantitative and qualitative support to the businesscase associated with deploying a multi-national private cloud computinginfrastructure. Participants included IBM, Deloitte, Thales and NJVC. Study results werecited as key evidence in support of a multi-billion Euro NATO cloud computingadoption effort ITM White Paper No. 1,” NATO’s First Step to the Cloud:Overview and Business Drivers”.

He iscurrently managing a cloud computing continuous cybersecurity monitoring project for an agency in the US Intelligence Community (IC). Before this current assignment, he was part of a team responsible for on-boarding mission applications to the IC Commercial Cloud Service (C2S). He is also a NationalCyber security Institute Fellow. His first book, “GovCloud: CloudComputing for the Business of Government” was published by GovernmentTraining Inc. and released in March 2011. His second book, released in 2012 bythe same publisher, is titled “GovCloud II: Implementation and Cloud BrokerageServices".  His latestpublication, “Practical Cloud Security: A Cross Industry View”, was releasedby Taylor & Francis in July 2016.