Mike McNerney

Cybersecurity and technology

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About Mike McNerney

Location: Palo Alto, CA/USA

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Mike McNerney is the Co-founder and CEO of Efflux Systems, a cybersecurity startup with offices in California and Maryland. Prior to this, Mike was and attorney and startup consultant where he provided advisory services to both government agencies and private sector companies in the cybersecurity industry. Mike assisted clients in planning corporate strategies, business development, corporate finance, and forming strategic partnerships. He also advised clients on gaining access to federal markets and works as a general counsel. Previously, Mike served as a cyber policy advisor in the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon. While in that position, he was responsible for assisting in the drafting of the Administration's comprehensive cyber legislation as well as related federal regulations. He also led private sector engagement and was instrumental in the establishment of the groundbreaking Defense Industrial Base Enhanced Cybersecurity Services program, which leverages government resources to protect industry from cyber threats. Mike also served as an attorney in the Office of the General Counsel while working on the same issues.  Prior to joining Defense Department, Mike served as a diplomat at the US State Department where he promoted the rule of law in Afghanistan and in the Middle East. He also worked on a number of political campaigns and as a law clerk in the US Senate. Mike is a senior consultant at Delta Risk LLC, a lecturer of political science at California State University, an affiliate at the Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation, and a member of the Science, Technology, and Engineering Advisory Panel at Lawrence Livermore National Labs. A veteran of the US Air Force, Mike graduated from UC Davis and holds a Juris Doctorate from American University. He has written several publications and made numerous public appearances on the topic of cybersecurity.