Reza Yeganehshakib

MENA Oil & Gas, Investment, GeoPolitics

General Information

Los Angeles, CA/USA
afternoons and evening Monday through Friday,
Pacific Time (US & Canada)


Dr. Yeganehshakib has done numerous projects over eleven years incorporating different themes such as MENA Investment consultation, trade finance, political risk, energy and geopolitical analysis, credit risk, and international business security. He has also provided business professionals and corporations with advice on related subjects affecting their business and investment in the Middle East. His language skills include proficiency in Persian and French, as well as reading and writing Arabic. While serving as an International Advisory Board Member at Critical Mobilization Group, he currently serves as an Iran Expert at Corr Analytics, a New York-based political risk consultancy. He is also Country Analyst on Political Risk and Oil Exports at PRIX Index.Having taught World History, Israel-Palestine, and Persian Language and Culture in various universities, he currently teaches the history of the Middle East at Fullerton College. Dr. Yeganehshakib has numerous publications and interviews printed in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.