Sandra Charles

NESA PolMil,Natl Sec/Business Developmnt

General Information



After leaving the government in August 1991, Sandra L. Charles served as Vice President for International and Governmental Affairs of International Planning and Analysis Center (IPAC) for one year before establishing C&O Resources, Inc DC in September 1992.  C&O Resources DC, which was acquired by SNR Denton in January 2013 as the Middle East component of its Global Business Intelligence Unit, proved assistance to foreign governments and companies in the conduct of their business with USG agencies and entities; and helped US and foreign companies with international marketing opportunities.   Ms. Charles recently departed Dentons and restarted her analytical work also as President & CEO of C&O Resources, Inc. with a team of former senior USG officials, and SASII , a new company providing management and developments solutions 

While in USG service. Ms. Charles spent sixteen years in the National Security and Foreign Policy community of the Executive Branch of the U. S. Government (USG) as a member of the National Security Council (NSC) staff of the White House and in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, International Security Affairs (OASD ISA).  With expertise in Middle Eastern, South Asian and African issues and  Defense programs as they relate to U.S. national security and foreign policy  goals and objectives in those geographic regions and globally, she was  personally involved in USG negotiations and policy development on security  cooperation, international agreements, foreign military sales, Middle East peace  initiatives, and crises management, including the Bush Administration's policy  for Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. 

As the National Security Council staff Director for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs (NESA) from August 1988 to August 1991 she was responsible for advising Presidents Reagan and Bush, their National Security Advisors and their Deputies on politico-military issues and programs in the countries comprising North Africa, the Middle East, Southwest and South Asia. 

Prior to this assignment, Ms. Charles served as the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary and Director for the Near East and South Asia region in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs (ISA) from June 1985 to August 1988.  During that period, she was a key player in forging the Reagan Administration's policy toward the Iran-Iraq War including the U.S. military operations to protect Kuwaiti shipping in the Gulf in 1987-1988.  Appointed to the Senior Executive Service in March 1985, she supervised a staff of senior military and civilian personnel, and was the principal advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Defense, ISA, and through him,  to the Secretary of Defense and the Under Secretary for Policy, on Middle  Eastern and South Asian security issues and defense programs.

Previously, Ms. Charles held the position of the Deputy Director, NESA, the Special Assistant to the DASD/NESA, and the ISA Country Director for Oman and the Arab Gulf States, and for East, West, and North African Affairs.  In 1975, she was selected as a Management Intern in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and served briefly in OSD Public Affairs, the ISA East Asia and Pacific Region, and ISA Africa Region.  In conjunction with her work, she has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, South Asia and East Africa.  In addition to receiving 15 outstanding or superior performance awards, in 1988 for her service in the Defense Department Ms. Charles was presented with the Secretary of Defense Medal of Meritorious Civilian Service.

Ms. Charles was born at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.  She received a BA in English and the Dramatic Arts from Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia.  Awarded an OSD scholastic fellowship, in 1980 she received a Masters Degree in International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies., and other honors.