• Suneil Mishra
    Evolving Business: as a consultant, investor, entrepreneur, board member, advisor of novel, transformative tech startups
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Nascent technology backer, as an angel investor, board advisor, consultant, and entrepreneur. Early-stage companies involved with have raised over $100M and had exits closing in on a billion dollars so far.

Currently most focused and active in: smart cities/transportation & autonomous vehicles; EDGE computing/IoT; AI/ML; AR/VR; e-health/fitness; and expert networks.

Experienced in technology branding, strategic positioning, BD and product marketing. Driven multiple industry standards across diverse technologies including graphics, audio, mobile, physics, computer vision. Provided business consulting services to multiple start-ups, raising equity funding and writing business plans. Over 90M product units sold across multiple technologies worldwide by new startups I've helped with initial launch and go-to-market strategy.

Currently growing companies in novel spaces as diverse as: social-location networking; smart cities; social gaming brands; desktop telepresence; augmented reality; segmented entertainment platforms; and surround-video. Actively assisting in angel and seed/early-stage VC fund-raising for clients w/transformative technologies or business models.

Specialties: Corporate Strategy and Go To Market
Early-Stage Startups
Due diligence for investments or M&A
Branding identity and strategic positioning
Business development
Fund-raising and revenue-plan optimization
Marketing & PR strategies
  • Work History
  • Worked at The CME Group (Company)
    From 2010-02-01 until Now

    Corporate Marketing - Consulting services focused around marketing new technology products and driving go-to-market and brand-positioning and market exposure strategies for early-stage and large established corporate customers.

  • Worked at FreePlay Labs (Company)
    From 2010-03-01 until Now

    VP of Business Development - Consulting for leading next-gen games publisher in biz dev and corporate partnerships role.

  • Worked at ZeroUI (Company)
    From 2012-09-01 until Now

    Advisor - ZeroUI has simple but powerful mission: Make everyone a maker. ZeroUI is developing the world’s first hands-free 3D modeling technology. It enables anyone to create and interact with 3D models in 3D space using their hands in a natural way similar to potters and sculptors.

  • Worked at Personify Inc (formerly Nuvixa) (Company)
    From 2011-02-01 until Now

    Advisory Board - Personify (formerly Nuvixa) is a perceptual computing software company that provides video communication solutions for business that merge human interaction with virtual content. Its flagship software product, Personify Live, embeds real-time video of a speaker into any setting. Their just announced collaboration tool Personify Chat was promoted by Intel at CES 2013.

  • Worked at FlixChip Corp. (Company)
    From 2014-01-01 until Now

    Advisory Board Member - FlixChip has created the first global, solid-state, movie distribution media designed for consumers to effortlessly use anytime, anywhere, on any device such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, televisions, etc. Add the burgeoning push around UltraHD content and TVs and the challenge of delivering copious amounts of content data to every device consumers now expect to view on is one that FlixChip is uniquely capable of answering.

  • Worked at Mageca (Company)
    From 2013-08-01 until Now

    Advisory Board - MAGECA is a market place for gesture controlled apps, games and more. With growing fragmentation of the gestural control and perceptual computing space and large players including Intel, Microsoft and Apple (rumored to be) heavily investing in the industry, a strong marketplace and developer portal for apps is compelling for consumers and vendors alike. Mageca is that portal.

  • Worked at RealTime Immersion (Company)
    From 2012-02-01 until Now

    Advisor & Equity Holder - Realtime Immersion's mission is to broadcast live, immersive and interactive video to consumers. Utilizing a unique 360-degree camera and live-streams, RTI technologies enable unique VR/AR experiences.

  • Worked at Throng (NimbleCat) (Company)
    From 2011-07-01 until Now

    Advisor - Throng connects you to people, brands, and jobs. It's an always-on, always-at with-you, personalized "want" engine leveraging patented algorithms to semantically match what you want or need to the right product, service or person instantaneously. Get the conversation going: Connect to fans, readers or anyone who shares a common interest. Convert visits to conversations and transactions. The right person, right now: When you need to find people with specific knowledge or skills, you need them now. Throng in your enterprise: See how Throng can solve enterprise-level headaches from SMB to the largest multi-nationals. Throng delivers improved 'Signal to Noise' finding the right connection immediately within your organization without the typical 'help me' spam bombarding those that aren't relevant to the employee or customer in need.

  • Worked at Noatta (Company)
    From 2018-05-01 until Now

    Advisor - A 100% wallet-free platform that enables the subscribers to simply use the palm of their hand in place of membership ID and payment cards. Think of Noatta as a VIP access pass where the membership card is the palm of your hand. No need to carry any physical token/card or device ever again!

  • Worked at Blackbox AI (Company)
    From 2017-08-01 until Now

    Advisor - Blackbox AI provides AI software for corporate innovation projects ideally suited for machine learning. Focused on mid-to-large companies seeking to digitize physical assets to improve operational efficiency and improve processes.

  • Worked at Dūcō (Company)
    From 2017-07-01 until Now

    Investor - Duco is a global marketplace of frontline policy, technology, and security experts who are available to connect with you around the clock.

  • Worked at Tensyr Inc. (Company)
    From 2016-10-01 until Now

    Head of Strategy - Tensyr is building production frameworks that bridge from R&D to mass-market deployment for autonomous vehicles. They're delivering the most efficient pathway - for vendors planning evolutionary or revolutionary approaches - to Level 5 autonomy in the real world. They do this through software both in the cloud and on-vehicle, optimized to make development, refinement and target-hardware optimization a breeze for AV manufacturers and platform vendors. Backed by a top Silicon Valley VC and are a small but very experienced team with years deploying mass-market products and services with numerous successful exits.

  • Worked at Mishra Consulting LLC (Company)
    From 2010-02-01 until Now

    President - Business consulting and startup advisory services across consumer electronics, PC, mobile and gaming markets. Supporting branding, business development, sales and marketing, startup and growth fund-raising. Mishra Consulting...Evolving Business