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Brexit, British and European politics

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London, UK
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Dr Tim Oliver is the ResearchDirector of Brexit Analytics and an Associate at LSE IDEAS, the foreign policy think tank of the London School of Economics. A leading expert on Brexit, hehas since 2013 written more than 100 academic and media articles, book chaptersand reports on the topic. His areas of expertise include Brexit, Britishgovernment and politics, UK-EU relations, the EU, European geopolitics,transatlantic relations, and British foreign, security and defence policy.

As the Research Director ofBrexit Analytics he advises British, European and international clients onhandling the challenges and opportunities of Brexit. His past experienceincludes fellowships at New York University’s Program in InternationalRelations, as a Dahrendorf Fellow at the LSE, the RAND Corporation inWashington D.C., the Center for Transatlantic Relations at Johns HopkinsUniversity’s SAIS, and at the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (the GermanInstitute for International and Security Affairs) in Berlin. In September 2017he will move to Florence to spend a year as a Jean Monnet Fellow at theEuropean University Institute where he will be writing a book on European-UKrelations. He has taught and researched at LSE, UCL, NYU, and for several yearsas a Senior Lecturer in defence and international affairs at the Royal MilitaryAcademy Sandhurst.

His political experienceincludes several years working in the European Parliament in Brussels and in aWhips’ Office in Britain’s House of Lords. He has an extensive knowledge of UKparliamentary procedure and has worked on legislation and policy ranging fromhealth care and universities to education reform and Europe.

Dr Oliver has publishedextensively in the press, think tanks and in academic publications. In 2013 hepublished the first detailed analysis of what a British withdrawal might meanfor the rest of the European Union and since then has published more than adozen reports and academic journal articles on the topic in addition to over a100 comment pieces and book chapters. He has also contributed to numerous reportsand books on subjects ranging from the war in Afghanistan through to UKconstitutional change. His work has covered UK-EU relations, British, Europeanand US politics, and UK defence matters. He provides expert commentary to majornews and media outlets on both sides of the Atlantic, including BBC News, CNBC,Voice of America, Al Jazeera, Radio Free Europe, ABC News and Fox News.

Tim is an alumnus of severalcourses and leadership programs on both sides of the Atlantic and a member ofChatham House. He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics, an MSc(distinction) in European Studies from the London School of Economics and afirst class B.A. (hons.) in Politics from the University of Liverpool.